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The Casita Limón in Sóller
The Casita Limón in Sóller

Frequently Asked Questions

We will gladly answer all your questions personally on the phone or via email. Some of the most frequently asked questions we list here, maybe yours has already been answered?


What happens to my ID card data taken at check-in?

The owners of holiday homes (similar to the hotels) are obliged to register all customers over 16 years of age with the national security authorities (in our case the Guardia Civil) in their online portal with the corresponding passport or ID card data. The registration sheets you have signed must also be kept - in paper form - by the homeowners for three years.


Why does Fincas Mallorca no longer offer holiday apartments?

On 01.08.2017, the new Balearic Tourism Act came into force, and a temporary ban on the rental of apartments in apartment buildings was decided until the middle/end of 2018. The municipalities have defined zones in which the rental of apartments in multi-party buildings is to be allowed. Until then, the rental and marketing of apartments in multi-family houses without a license will be subject to high penalties.


Is the tourist tax included in the rental price?

No. The tourist tax is a tax from the Balearic government to the visitor and has nothing to do with the rental price.
For fincas, holiday homes and apartments, the tax is 2,00 EUR per night for all persons from 16 years on (Rate 2018).
From November to April, there´s a discount of 75%, and from the 9th day of your stay on the discount is 50%.
Children under 16 do not have to pay the tax.

Example: Two adults and a child under 16 stay 1 week in May: they will have to pay EUR 28,00. The same family pays in April EUR 7,00.

An overview of the tax for all types of accommodation you can find on that link.


WifiDo the houses have a telephone line and/or internet access ?

Some of the houses in our programme are connected to the internet and offer free wifi. Those houses show the wifi-sign on the description page. Also, many of the bars in Sóller and Port de Sóller do offer free wifi.


What happens on the day of my arrival?

On the day of your arrival we will meet you in Sóller at a defined meeting point and accompany you to your booked holiday home; this is done by us, in some cases it is the owner of the house or a commissioned person. In order to find the meeting point, we will email you all the information you need to do so, such as location maps, way description, contact numbers, etc. In order to estimate the time of your arrival in Sóller, we will ask you for your flight number and arrival time, and also a mobile phone number.

A personal check-in can be made between 14:00 and 22:00h. Some houses have key boxes and are easy to find, so you might check-in yourself. Other houses, however, need a personal check-in, so please make sure to check back with us before you book a late flight!

Check-out time is 10:00 am.

We will also provide you with lots of information around Sóller, recommendations of restaurant, emergency numbers, and much more. If this is not enough, we will be your first contact during your entire stay in Sóller.


How can I get from the airport to Sóller?

We will meet all our guests in Sóller or Deia, at a defined meeting point. Most of the visitors have a rental car right from the airport, and will drive to Sóller themselves. Other possibilities are a taxi, or the combination of bus and train.

A taxi costs about 55.- EUR, and we will be glad to order you a Sóller based taxi driver, who knows our houses and the valley well. The transfer with bus and/or train is a nice trip, but not very recommendable on the arrival day with all the luggage.


At what time can I move in my booked house, and at what time will I have to leave on the last day?

Check-in time is between 02:00 pm and 04:00 pm, depending of the size of the house. This is true especially for changeover days when the previous tenants leave the house in the morning. In case it is free before your arrival, we can be flexible with the check-in times.

The same applies on the last day, then the house has to be left for cleaning at 10:00 am. This hour is also flexible in case no new guests are coming in on that same day.

However, when planning your trip and especially when travelling with children, please consider a possible waiting time of several hours. Flights at decent hours are sometimes more expensive, but often it is well worth it. The best arrival hour, in our opinion, is around 12:00 o´clock.


Is there a maiden service in the fincas?

No, all the houses in our programme are self-catering and self-supplying houses. There is no extra service offered. Many houses have washing machines though, which can be used by the tenants in order to wash the linen and towels, etc. if you wish so.

Neither is there a basic package of food.


I´m stressed and looking for the absolute silence around my home ...

A holiday on the countryside is basicly a quiet one. However, Sóller and the surrounding places and areas are living and vivid villages, and you will have neighbours somewhere. Also many of the neighboring plots are used for agriculture, and their owners might work there.

Thus, trees branches can be cut, sheeps carry bells, dogs might bark, roosters cry, motorbikes drive along the roads, etc. Just the noise level you have in any village worldwide. So if you are looking for a place where nothing can be heard around it, the entire Sóller valley might not be the appropiate place for you.


Can the houses be occupied with more than the specified number of persons in the description?

OrangenThe houses can be occupied only with the number of persons shown on our website and in your booking confirmation. Please do not move in with more persons. If more persons want to join your group, please tell us and we will find a solution or additional house.


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